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Demo game


UP-X demo.

  1. The demo version of ap x is a free version of the crash game.
  1. Transmits the atmosphere as in the original thanks to high quality graphics, stunning soundtrack. Plunge into the atmosphere of adrenaline, excitement, recreated with the help of high-quality visual, sound effects.
  1. The player in this mode plays using virtual currency. Limitless amount of virtual funds for betting (99999999 fantic coins), you will be able to try your luck in conditions as close as possible to the real ones.
  1. Full functionality of the original is available. The player will be able to place bets, monitor the growth of the crash factor, get winnings, evaluate all aspects, ap x opportunities.
  1. Playing ap x demo, the gambler does not risk losing finances from his wallet. All bets, winnings are paid in virtual currency, can not be exchanged for real money. 
  1. Experiment with different strategies without financial pressure. You will be able to check the effectiveness of the conceived tactics, learn to better manage bets, the growth of the crash factor. Develop an optimal strategy before you start making real bets.
  1. In demo there is no time limit for the game session and number of rounds. You can play until you're ready to move on to the adult league, where you play for money.
up-x demo

Up-X demo how to win

Bets are placed at a certain point in time, and the crash factor (growth factor) starts to increase. Your goal is to hit stop before the crash factor reaches your bet, ending the game. Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, the rules, to have a clear idea of the strategies you can use.

Manage your bankroll, set betting limits. Determine the amount for the round according to your tactics. Divide your bankroll into parts, make bets. 

Using Cash Out, a feature that ends the current round early, gets you a partial win.

In the world of gambling it is important to maintain objectivity, clarity of decisions in UP-X demo. Do not give in to emotions, do not make spontaneous bets under the influence of excitement. Analyze, give logical, based on knowledge, experience decisions. Track data, trends, analyze the results of previous rounds, apply the knowledge gained in the game session.

Never stop learning, improving in the game. There is a dependency: the more you study game mechanics, learn new aspects of the game, the more chances you will have for success. Experiment with adapting to the changing situation.



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Demo game

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